Sync 40+ BT600 USB-A/C Speakerphone

Sync 40+ BT600 USB-A/C Speakerphone

Poly Sync

ID#: 218765-01

  • SY40
  • BT600
  • USB-A
  • USB-C
  • Speakerphone hands-free
  • Bluetooth
  • wireless


Sync 40+, SY40 w/BT600 USB-A to USB-C adapter
The Poly Sync 40+ USB/Bluetooth Smart Speakerphone with BT600 Bluetooth Adapter lets users get straight to work. Designed for flexible and huddle workspaces, its sound is remarkable. Everyone can hear and be heard without missing a word with multi-microphone array and full-duplex audio. The Poly Sync 40+ is battery-powered for hours so teams can use it anywhere in the room. They can pair two units together for larger meetings with bigger volume, more microphones, and wider voice pickup. Smart and simple, this speakerphone is just as flexible as the space it sits in.