Studio P5 Kit w/ Blackwire 3325 Webcam USB-A

Studio P5 Kit w/ Blackwire 3325 Webcam USB-A

Studio Kit

ID#: 2200-87130-025

  • Blackwire 3325 Stereo Headset
  • USB-A connection
  • Studio P5 Webcam


Studio P5 Kit w/ Blackwire 3325, Studio P5 Webcam, Blackwire 3325 Stereo USB-A Corded Headset
The Studio P5 Camera and Blackwire 3325 Headset deliver professional quality video and sound. The P5 Webcam features optics that enhance the video quality with brilliant colors and clairy so that your video calls always look as best as possible. The P5 is rugged so that it is easily carried around wherever your meetings take you without jeopardizing its design and operability. The P5 can be easily set up and installed so that you can get to your next meeting in just minutes.