Optipoint 500 Standard

Optipoint 500 Standard

  • Twelve programmable features keys with LEDs
  • 2-line x 24 character LCD and OptiGuide navigation
  • Two volume control buttons


The Siemens OptiPoint 500 Standard phone is suitable for executives, admin assistants and call centre agents alike and is compatible with the HiCom 150H and 300H and the HiPath 3000 and 4000 telephone systems, when connected to a digital extension.

Features include twelve programmable features keys with LEDs, a 2-line x 24 character LCD and OptiGuide navigation keys to provide easier access to commonly used features such as outside lines or internal extensions.

The Siemens Optipoint 500 Standard is a full duplex telephone, the duplex hands free speaker, with two volume control buttons, allowing two way conversations without clipping. In addition this telephone has on-hook dialling, caller ID, internal messaging, integrated USB port and headset and two Easy-add adapter bays for the addition of Key Modules.