Jabra GO 6400 Headset

Jabra GO 6400 Headset

GN NetCom
Jabra GO 6400 Series
  • Complete UC Compatibility
  • Small Headset Design
  • Noise-Canceling Technology
  • Touch Screen
  • Talk time up to 6 hours
  • 6470 Range Up To: Desk & Softphone: 100m mobile: 25m
  • 6430 Range Up To: Softphone: 100m Mobile: 25m


Jabra GO 6400 Headset
Once you experience the freedom of a Jabra Bluetooth® headset, it’s hard to go back to the old way of talking on
a mobile phone. Why should it be any different with your desk phone or softphone? With a Jabra GO 6400 headset you can keep up to date and in control of your calls whether you’re working at your desk, walking down the street or queuing to check in at the airport. The future is secured, since all Jabra GO 6400 headset solutions offer complete UC compatibility – certified by all major soft phone providers.

Design & Wearing Styles
Jabra GO 6400 Series is the smallest headset ever designed for use in professional of CE environments. Although it is packed with state-of-the-art audio and noise-canceling technology, it’s only slightly larger than a typical mobile phone headset. The sleek styling and lightweight design make it discreet to wear and easy to carry. The choice of three ergonomic wearing styles, including two ear hooks, increases comfort.

Control All Your Phones with One Headset
Jabra GO 6400 Series headsets enable you to stay in touch wherever you go – within 100 m from your desk or soft- phone or 25 m from your mobile phone. Built-in multiuse technology means all your phone calls come to the same headset regardless of which number the caller uses. No matter which line your contacts try to reach you on, you can always answer just by tapping the touch sensor controls on the headset. Make calls, mute calls, adjust the controls and hold calls from any of your phones from just one headset.

Touch Screen
The three voice channels – mobile, desk and softphone – are united by a touch screen that’s won awards for its sleek design and stylish looks. It’s easy to get started, too. A SmartSetup wizard on the touch screen guides you through the simple process of connecting phones and choosing preferences to get you started in minutes. Once you’re up and running, the screen’s colorful icons and intuitive menu system make call-handling a breeze.